Ruby on Rails in Cooker, go test it :)

Posted in Mandriva, Web, English, Products at 4:46 pm by Alexandre Solleiro

Blino just put Ruby On Rails in Cooker, making RoR ready to ship in Mandriva Linux 2007.

To lever my hype skills (and to please our marketing team, for that matter), I decided to take a look at Ruby on Rails, and to package it for Mandriva.


It’s not yet integrated with Apache, but MySQL connectivity and Webrick are up-and-running.

Ruby On Rails is a fast-growing web-development framework. It’s been the next big thing for the past two years or so, so we wouldn’t dare let our users miss the chance to try it, use it and abuse it. If you’re a web developer or the curious type, jump into the Web 2.0 thingy with Rails: MCV model, DRY principled (Don’t Repeat Yourself), inline AJAX (you produce AJAX in Ruby ;) ) and lots more fun stuff to play and get serious with.

Other frameworks are going to make it into the distro, like Catalyst (which in fact has been there for a while, our Hardware Compatibility List and Fibric being Catalyst-powered) and Django, as well as more Web 2.0 goodness.

For now, grab a Cooker snapshot and feel the power of freedom-powered-web2.0-agile-sexy-coding for the Web with Ruby on Rails and Mandriva Linux :)

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