Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 3 : Tyr

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Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 3 Tyr

The latest Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta, codenamed Tyr is out of the oven.

It’s time to embrace 3-dimensional Mandriva Linux. Tyr delivers a ONE CD with 3D Desktops enabled:

  • AIGLX and XGL support
  • Both FREE and proprietary drivers handled, for INTEL, Nvidia and ATI chipsets
  • Compiz window manager for some neat effects
  • Ready for KDE and GNOME desktops (”KDE 3.5.4 and GNOME 2.16 RC1″-inside)
  • Featuring the new Drak3D tool for easy management :)

ONE is a live-and-install CD. Just slide into your drive, boot on the CD, and enjoy the ride.

More news from the neat-user-experience-department: the new version of RPMDRAKE, our application management tool, is included. We revamped the User Interface and we want your feedback.

More and more:

  • DrakVPN, a tool for managing Virtual Private Networks, is also available.
  • Invictus Firewall : Mandriva Linux is certainly the first Linux distro to include a redundant firewall solution. Stay tuned during the next few days for more information on Invictus.
  • More applications went into the XDG menus.
  • WARNING: some ONE Cd’s (10 versions are available for BETA 3) include proprietary drivers. If you want a purely free Tyr, check out the info.

Ok, that’s enough teasing. Find more information in our development wikipaying particular attention to the known issues — then download Mandriva Linux Beta 3 Tyr and help us correct eventual bugs by filling reports in Bugzilla.



Say hello to 3D

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The 3D-Desktop has been a hot topic since Novell showed-off their XGL/Compiz integration for NLD 10 at a Solutions Linux conference in January this year. Useless for some, simply cool for others. In any case, there’s a “Wow” factor that’s just good for Linux on the desktop: your neighbours during train or plane trips always ask “what’s with the cube”? “Oh, this is a Linux desktop”, you answer. And that’s when you’ll give her the speech.

So Blino baked a recipe, put it all in Cooker and made a video of Mandriva Linux 2007 running sexy Compiz effects (powered by XGL in this case). Check it out:

Mandriva Linux 2007 3D Desktop
Uploaded by mandriva

We’re enabling both AIGLX and XGL technologies in Mandriva Linux 2007. The selection will be automatic, so it’s a transparent process for you (unless you want to tweak and hack and break and make ;) ). We handle Intel, Nvidia and ATI chipsets through both proprietary and Free drivers. It works on both KDE and GNOME desktop environments.

Apart from those addictive effects (try using a 3D-Desktop for a few days then go back to a plain old desktop to understand “addictive effects”) and the “Wow factor”, many say there’s not much to the 3D-Desktop on Linux yet. Major Linux distributions, and some smaller ones, have just integrated these technologies. This was the first step.

When you’re done showing-off your cool Mandriva Linux 2007 and evangelizing the great things we can achieve through Free and Open Source Software, go make some great 3D-ready applications!