Kiosk FAQ (english)

1. What is Kiosk and how can I use it?

Kiosk is the simplest way to install new software on your Mandriva Linux distribution. With one-click, you install tested and bundled software from the web.

For more information, please visit the Kiosk website.

2. My browser asks me what to do with the .bundle file. What must I answer ?

First of all, you must make sure you comply with the Kiosk requirements.
If your system is correctly configured, select:

“Open with Mandriva Online Bundle”

Kiosk good dialog for KonquerorKiosk good dialog for Firefox

The installation will now begin :)

3. My installation is incomplete / failed ( KDE users, please read )

Due to the large volume of some bundles, connections will sometimes fail and bundles will only be downloaded partially.
First, you can go back to Kiosk and re-launch the bundle installation.
If that doesn’t do it, you can open a console and, as root, type

urpmi --auto-select

Everything should be back to normal now :)

4. I get a “bundle_nameofbundle media not found” error message.

That would mean we’re having some trouble with our servers. Please try again later.

5. I get a “Generic error” and am using a XMas Club Edition. What gives?

Kiosk does not support Community versions, as stated in the Kiosk requirements.
More information is available on the Club forums.

6. I can’t login to Kiosk.

If you’re a Club member or a Kiosk subscriber, you should try again.

Visit the Kiosk website if you need a valid account.